3 Ideas for Employee Health and Wellness Support

2020 yielded challenges for many, leaving healthcare for employees at the top of the priority list. With all the uncertainty, mental and physical health were amongst the most important to keep in check as our world navigated uncharted waters. Still, after the support that was given subsided, we as business owners are left with employees who are still battling with the aftermath. But there is hope.

At IBC we are proud of our Wellness department offering preventive health and wellness services to our clients. We encourage the businesses we work with to take action, not just to save money [however, healthy employees don’t cost as much] but to impact their team and create a culture of healthy individuals. 

Workplace wellness is a $6 billion dollar industry in the United States. IBC acknowledges that employees’ unhealthy lifestyles and the associated healthcare costs are taking a toll on U.S. businesses and their employees. That’s why we want to share with you three healthcare ideas for employee well being.

1. Mental Health

With the world beginning to open, business leaders will have to devote extra care to nurturing employees who are still coming through the recovery period where fear was a main part of their experience. The need for psychological support will be high for years to come. Business leaders can start by reviewing their Employee Wellness Programs to address a full range of mental health needs adequately.

2. Healthy Living Education

Our health literacy in America is low — way lower than it should be. And when we don’t know better, we don’t do better. Employees should have the opportunity to be educated about their health from someone who knows the subject and has studied health. This education allows people opportunities to know not only how to improve their health, but why it is so important. Knowing what the consequences could be if he/she chooses to stay on the same path may be beneficial for employees. This information can come from the resources you provide as an employer.

3. Preventive Screenings

With an emphasis on preventive care and individual accountability, IBC can partner with your business to provide the most comprehensive, results-driven health and wellness initiatives in the Siouxland area. That includes screenings such as: cholesterol, hemoglobin, cotinine and more. We will work with you to create and customize a program that’s best suited for your organization’s needs and goals.

We hope you will consider a preventive health plan for your team. To learn more about what is all included in that plan and to contact Sarah Rol, our Preventive Health Manager, click here. Or call 712-277-2424 for a free tailored consultation to meet your business needs or a demo to experience the services firsthand.