IBC acknowledges that employees’ unhealthy lifestyles and the associated health care costs are taking a huge toll on U.S. businesses and their employees. With an emphasis on preventive care and individual accountability, IBC will partner with your business to provide the most comprehensive, results-driven health and wellness initiatives in the Siouxland area. We will work with you to create and customize a program best suited for your organization’s needs and goals.


One of the keys to measureable success with a worksite health initiative is helping employees take a more active role in the management of their own health. The strategies listed below will help support your employees as they strive to make healthy lifestyle choices. Call us for a free tailored consultation to meet your business needs.



Our worksite wellness services include:


  • Preventive Health Screening
    • For the participant: includes biometric screening, health risk questions with the MyBioCheck™ iPad app and confidential results review
    • For the employer: Organizational MyBioCheck™ Aggregate Report including aggregated data on employer-selected custom questions
  • Health coaching with Wellcoaches™ certified health coaches
  • Wellness lab draws (PSA, TSH, HbA1C and others available upon request)
  • Health assessments (examples include flexibility and body composition)
  • Health seminars
  • Wellness incentive programs
  • Tobacco cessation classes
  • Ergonomic analysis and education
  • Health initiative strategic planning, design, implementation and evaluation
  • Wellness team development and leadership
  • Health data and medical claims analysis and benefit integration recommendations
  • Work environment policy review and development




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