Bernard Global, LLC & IBC Partner Together Against Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals do not discriminate. Stevan Bernard will be the first to tell you this. Whether your organization is government based, private or public sector, large or small, there is a risk of cyber attacks. Not only attacks to your organization, but also to your people, property, and all your assets. Bernard Global specializes in all facets of global protection for people, technology, and property. IBC is pleased to announce the retention of Bernard Global, LLC. It is an honor to bring the cyber services of Bernard Global to our clients.

Stevan’s Extensive Cyber Knowledge and Experience

Stevan’s career spans more than four decades serving in the military, law enforcement, and business. His specialties include protection services, business continuity planning, crisis management, and cybersecurity. Stevan offers deep yet practical insight into today’s threat landscape. His unique approach is on awareness, preparedness and resilience. 

For nearly 17 years he led Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Global Protection Services. Some of his responsibility included CSO/CISO function, investigations and forensics, physical security, and major events/protection. Before this, he worked in high-tech, energy, and law-enforcement. His services in the US Army included a tour in Vietnam where he was awarded the Bronze Star. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner with degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Morningside University. He also graduated from the 125th Session of the FBI National Academy at Quantico. 

Working in over 50 countries in his lifetime, Bernard said his experience is essential to obtain a diverse knowledge base to better understand new emerging threats. Bernard is adaptable and in operation with a variety of cultures. His solutions-based approach is very adaptive to his client’s needs and nothing more. 

What Can Bernard Global Do For Your Business?

Besides being overwhelmed by the pandemic, we all had to rethink the business model. Critical systems and networks were established in a matter of weeks and months versus what could have taken years.

The work from home dynamic created a whole new dilemma regardless of how advanced a business is. In the U.S., between 30-50% of the workforce is dispersed and working virtually for the foreseeable future. 

Not only has the business environment changed but so have the tactics of those who could harm us.

Although it feels like we have been sprinting, we need to slow down manage this more like a marathon. Vulnerability management and risk assessments are more critical than ever. Ensuring your key assets are well protected is not only desired but expected. 

How We Can Protect You From Cyber Attacks

We realize 2020 brought one of the most transformative times of change ever. 2021 not only brings us new risks, but we are also still learning from 2020. Such matters as Covid-19 management, insider threats, cyber crime, mental health, increased criminality, travel security and work from home all bring new challenges. The difference Bernard offers includes his depth of experience, a global network of experts, and a practical approach in both solutions and in cost. Give us a call at 712-277-2424 to learn more or see a list of all the business insurance services we offer.