How to Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Global employee health and fitness month is an observance of overall wellness in the workplace. The goal is to support the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to employers and employees through promoting wellness in workplace activities and environments.

About Our Wellness Department 

Innovative Business Consultants has a team of certified Wellcoaches that provide the most comprehensive, results-driven health and wellness initiatives in the Siouxland area. In fact, we work one on one with each employee to ensure that their customized needs and goals are met. We provide an array of services to guarantee maximum success for each business.

After going through a pandemic, we can all agree there is no better time to prioritize your health then now. We know that unhealthy lifestyles and the associated health care costs are taking a huge toll on businesses and their employees. In addition having employees take a more active role in managing their own health is a massive win for everyone. 

Our Wellness Services

  • Preventive Health Screenings
  • Online Wellness Platform
  • 1:1 Health Coaching 
  • Group Support
  • Wellness Incentive Program Integration 
  • Ergonomic Analysis and Education
  • Health Data and Medical Claims Analysis
  • Benefit Integration Recommendations
  • Work Environment Policy Review and Development

Wellness Program Benefits and Ideas

Implementing a wellness program and positive health habits in businesses can impact the entire organization as a whole. Ultimately, healthy employees are happier, less stressed, have more energy, and are more productive and engaged. Here are some ideas to promote health and fitness within your organization:

  • Offer group discounts for local gyms and workout facilities.
  • Promote “walking” meetings where you walk around the building instead of gathering in meeting rooms.
  • Host a luncheon with healthy food options.
  • Stock your breakroom with healthy snacks.
  • Add a juicer or smoothie machine to your breakroom.
  • Perform on-site stress tests and health screenings.
  • Offer on-site exercise areas or weight rooms.
  • Provide on-site exercise classes, yoga sessions, or fitness classes.
  • Make health and wellness a part of your corporate philosophy. 

The key to these plans is making sure they are actually being promoted. In turn, organizations with healthy employees have higher employee performance, experience less absenteeism, and can save money on insurance and healthcare costs. Call us for a free tailored consultation to meet your business needs or for a demo to experience the services firsthand. To learn more about our services click here or watch this video from our Preventive Health Manager, Sarah.