Individual Health

We have in-house experts on short-term and individual health insurance options. Our staff is very knowledgeable about underwriting requirements and carrier strengths and weaknesses. This information can prove extremely important when it comes to paying claims or finding providers that participate with specific carriers.

Group Health/Employee Benefits

We truly understand the dilemma employers face when wanting to provide a competitive benefits package while costs continue to escalate.  IBC staff analyzes the culture of a company along with the needs of the employees to make product recommendations as well as funding alternatives such as:

▪ Self funding with stop loss (reinsurance)
▪ Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA's)
▪ Health Savings Accounts, and Flex Plans (Section 125)

We are also well versed in healthcare reform legislation and other laws impacting benefit plans and the corresponding funding arrangements.

Ancillary Benefits such as life insurance, disability insurance, vision, and dental plans typically provide a valuable safety net for employees at a fraction of the cost of health insurance. IBC uses some of the most respected carriers in the country to provide competitive quotes without compromising excellent service.

Employee Communication

An extremely important but often overlooked, component of a good employee benefit plan is helping employees understand their plan and where they can go when they have questions. To ensure our clients have the information needed, IBC prepares a customized booklet for employer and employee that summarizes the entire benefit package including: health insurance options, dental, life, disability and vision. In addition it includes a retirement plan summary, vacation schedule, tool allowance, holiday schedule and any other benefit specific to each IBC client.

Customer Service

Not only does IBC strive to have a great relationship with our carriers, we also have great relationships with many of the healthcare providers in our community. We often work directly with healthcare providers to assist with claim resolution and/or confusion on the business's behalf.

Our unparalleled customer service is one of the main reasons we've experienced tremendous growth year after year.


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