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Safety Podcast – Evil Safety Dudes

We have recorded over 50 episodes full of safety information including: OSHA news and case studies, safety audits, and so much more. We’ve brought in multiple experts who share an abundance of knowledge on their specific field of expertise. Tune in to our safety podcast to hear our safety professional, Aaron Iacino, as he dives into these topics and gives you all the tips and tricks to keep your employees safe. We help employees and employers stay one step ahead of the game.

Our Safety Podcast Special Guests

Each guest has brought so much unique value to the podcast. We highly recommend you check these episodes out. We have over fifty episodes that you can listen to overall. Each one we discuss a different safety topic. Some of our most recent guests include:

Tracy Matheny

We are joined with Tracy Matheny this episode. He has been in Construction Safety Management for over 30 years. He’s been in charge of safety for some of the biggest construction projects in the US. Tracy strives to help all businesses save money with correct safety procedures and actions in place from small town businesses to fortune 500 companies. Tune in to hear some of the incidents that Tracy has been through and be able to learn from these mistakes that others are making to help save you and your employees. 

Tyler Silverthorn

He is a Project Manager for Impact7G. It is an environmental consulting firm that assists numerous commercial, industrial, and residential clients with environmental testing and reporting. Tyler has a bachelor’s degree in forestry from Iowa State University and 7+ years of experience. This includes conducting Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) Inspections, Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Inspections, Environmental Drilling and Sampling, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sampling.

Chase Funk

Chase is our Preventive Health Specialist at IBC. We go over stretches that would be very beneficial before working out or for field workers to prevent injuries throughout the day. Learn more about these stretches are how they can be beneficial to you and your team.

Candy Klingensmith

She is the Safety Manager for Knife River. She has been in safety for 13 years. Some common road safety hazards are live traffic and driver distractions. You must have a plan to stick to and the traffic controls have to be followed. Learn more about road safety with Candy.

Julie Ingoli

She is a specialist in Air Pollution Control. For over 36 years she has sought to protect people and the environment. She leads all environmental concerns for an automotive manufacturer where she lives. Learn more about all the chemicals to be aware of and how to stay compliant with all the upcoming changes. 

Ann Clark

She has been a safety professional for more than 24 years. She’s a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Registered Nurse (RN). She’s worked in varies industries such as the oil and gas industry, food manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and compressed gases. In this episode we dive into ergonomics to help increase efficiency, productivity, and reduce discomfort. It focuses on fitting the job to the person not the person to the job. 

Mike Maas

He joins us to discuss safety culture. Mike has his Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and holds a Master’s Degree in Health and Safety. He is the President of Maas Safety Management. His consulting firm partners with companies to help them develop industry leading Health and Safety Programs and manage Workers Compensations costs.  Having 20 years’ experience as a Safety Professional with industry leaders he has the experience and proven results to help companies achieve their Health & Safety Goals. 

Chris Hoak

Chris is our VP of Sales at IBC Insurance. He joins us on this episode where we dive into EMR. Tune in to hear the knowledge and expertise Chris has on this subject about what it is and why you should be aware of it. Learn how you will save money by lowering your EMR.

Sarah Rol

She is our Preventive Health Manager at IBC and joins us to discuss the wellness and safety connection. Making sure your health is top-notch also helps to increase your overall safety. If your BMI is lower, usually your health bills are lower as well. This is mostly due to your average recovery time. Tune in to hear other tips Sarah shares on the podcast.

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