What to Check Before Renting a Property

Location. This is just one key thing you should consider before signing a lease on a rental property. It’s important to make note of the neighborhood as well as the amenities that are nearby. However, there are lots of other things you should consider as well before renting a property whether that’s an apartment, townhome, house, or other rental.

You and the landlord should use a move-in rental inspection report to note of any repairs that are needed or damages that were from previous tenants. Then, you won’t possibly be charged with these later. Another way you can protect yourself is by purchasing rental insurance. It can come at a relatively affordable cost to protect and cover all of your belongings.

Here are some things to be aware of when you and your landlord are walking through the rental unit.

Check the Floors, Walls, and Carpets for Damages or Stains

It’s important to note the more obvious and bigger damage in the property prior to moving in so you don’t get charged for this later. Large holes in the wall or stains on the carpet are both something you want to take pictures of for proof, and also recorded in the inspection report.

Check if Safety Equipment, such as Smoke detectors, are in Working Order

If there happens to be an emergency while you’re living there, your safety comes first and this is something you should ensure is working. Safety equipment to check are carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors, so you can be alerted if you’re in danger.

If you notice that these devices aren’t lit up, it’s in your best interest to request that your landlord replaces these prior to moving in.

Check the Windows, Lights, and Light Switches to Ensure they Work

Check to make sure all the light switches work and the bulbs don’t need replaced, especially in some of the hard to reach places. This is something you can go over with the landlord to see if you are in charge of replacing them or if they will do this for you.

Check for Pests in the Rental Property

You don’t want to move in to an apartment to find out that there’s a pest issue. It’s important that you’re vigilant in looking for indications during the walkthrough such as sticky traps or other traps around the home. If you see those around the premises, you should definitely question why they are there.

Why you Should Consider Purchasing Rental Insurance

This as an opportunity to protect your things and yourself from having to re-invest a lot of money for those things, and learn a little more about why [and how easy it is] to get renter’s insurance. 

  1. Replacing everything you own is expensive.
  2. Your landlord may require it.
  3. It offers peace of mind.
  4. It’s affordable.

On average, it costs about $15 a month to cover everything you own. If you are living in a rental or considering a rental, we highly recommend renter’s insurance. It not only grants you peace of mind, it will come in handy if anything were to happen to your belongings. If you have any questions or are ready to set up your plan, give us a call at 712-277-2424 to get your free quote or fill out this form online.

Rental Property Best Practices

Before you decide on a rental property, be sure to focus on what amenities are around the property as well as the condition of the property. It wouldn’t be very much fun to rent a property only to discover there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and you have to wait for your landlord to fix it. There’s a lot that can be avoided later by just bringing them up when you do your walk-through with your landlord.