5 Workplace Trends To Look Out For

This past year brought a lot of changes to the work environment. Remote work is one of those new workplace trends. According to a recent Upwork survey, about 1 in 4 Americans (26.7%) will be working remotely in 2021 compared to only 7% of employees having the option to work from home in 2018.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 workplace trends that will most likely take place in 2021 and well into 2022.

1. Greater Acquisition Of Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based technology will make for a seamless transition from working in the office to working at home. It helps to keep employees productive and engaged in work activities.  Ninety percent of employees feel that working remotely adds to their morale, according to an Igital Thoughts report.

It’s important that HR tools keep up with the everchanging trends. Some of these HR tools consist of virtual hiring, employee onboarding, training, etc.

2. Enhanced Cybersecurity

With the increase of work from home environments, cybersecurity is a greater concern. There are growing concerns among organizations about how secure the network can get and how to access confidential information remotely. The increase in new IT system investments and cyber security insurance plans is and continues to be on the rise.

3. Hybrid Models Taking The Spotlight

A hybrid model is starting to become the normal for most businesses. Commuting takes up a lot of time during our already busy days. Cutting this aspect out will most likely make us more productive and flexible in our work patterns. On the other hand, some employees wish to be in the office to interact with their coworkers and handle issues face-to-face. To compromise, a hybrid model is ideal for most organizations.

4. Reduced Office Space Resulting In More Savings

The need for a huge office is going to be a part of the past. With the hybrid and remote work models taking center stage, having an office space with a desk for everyone will begin to decrease. Many businesses will plan a strategy to have meetings and collaboration on specific days and remote work for the other days. Having a smaller office results in savings overall with insurance, utilities, and other bills.

5. Decreased Conference Calls

Businesses are spending more money on virtual conference call technologies. However, as these conference calls increase the intrusive nature also increases. While the conference calls were suppose to help counterbalance for the lack of human interaction, it actually reduced productivity overall. Especially when employees spend most of their time only on calls. Moving forward expect less calls and more of working on the tasks at hand.

As the workplace trends continue and our work environments change, its important to contact your insurance agent to ensure that you have the proper cyber and property coverage for your everchanging needs. At IBC, we are here to help and are happy to walk through your coverage with you. We want to make sure you, your employees, and your business are covered. Give us a call at 712-277-2424 or contact us online here.