Benefits of Safety Consultant Services

When you’re crafting your safety services program, there are a lot of moving parts that make it possible. Our team creates a cohesive program that identifies the problem and has a strategy in place to reduce or eliminate this issue.

Hiring Safety Experts

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a safety consultant is the easy access to the expert assistance they offer.

The reality is that safety programs are complex machines with several moving parts. If you’re not a safety professional yourself, it can be hard to know where to look. Worse, you have the bias of inspecting your own program that you’re used to, which means you may overlook issues that an outside consultant would latch onto as major problems.

When is comes down to it, a safety professional just wants to ensure the safety of all your employees and wants to provide a positive safety culture. Our team is here to do just that!

IBC’s Safety Services

Our Risk Manager will work with you to find hazards and eliminate them to reduce future incidents. We will help you to find the cause of existing incidents and develop strategies to reduce their likelihood of reoccurrence.

Our Risk Management Department can also help you get in compliance with all of your company’s OSHA required training and record keeping needs.

As our clients, you have access to a full-service safety and security department. We have hundreds of safety and security courses to meet your needs. Our team of specialized safety and security experts are ready to train or consult. We offer courses in OSHA, DOT, EPA, DNR, HAZWOPER, Law Enforcement, Health Care, CEUs, and Self-Defense.

IBC’s Safety Podcast

Our podcast “Evil Safety Dudes” can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Come jump into a safety conversation with host Aaron Iacino, the Risk Manager for IBC. We cover everything from getting caught in a machine to being shot by an active killer. We help employees and employers stay one step ahead of the game. Tune in for the latest in OSHA news, OSHA case studies, and new technology in safety.

Contact Our Safety Team Today

From onsite OSHA 10s to confined space rescue courses, we are ready to meet all your needs under one roof on your schedule. We are the insurance agency that does not give you a list of things to fix, but instead we provide a safety expert to help you.

Visit our website to learn more about our safety services and how our team can help you eliminate and reduce safety incidents.